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I Help Women Achieve Healthy & Clear Skin

Using simple, proven skin care, diet and lifestyle methods 100% free from drugs and medication.

Valeria Dzhodzheva

Acne sucks. I know, you know, everybody knows. Difference is, I can help you make it all go away.

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Your guidance is literally like a magic spell

Naomi avalos

I love reading all of your tips and insights into creating the perfect skincare regimen!

Joana Scotucci

Finally someone that makes sense and explains in a way that's easy to understand

Rebecca Zhao

I implemented just 2 of the tips you gave and my skin is loving it!


About Valeria

Valeria Dzhodzheva is the author, full-time acne coach, and content professor for Pretty Blooming. In 2016, Valeria completed her Master of Science (MS) in cold Denmark, and has now cracked the "acne code". She's proudly empowering women to break free from the chains of acne so they can live with healthy skin and big smiles to match. 

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