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in your skin care

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This is NOT a “me2 skin care blog” that spout opinions. Here at PB, we dive into studies and get our hands dirty, digging up the latest research so you can become a smarter consumer.

Hi, My name is Valeria, or Val as my friends call me.

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I can’t recall a time I wasn’t into in natural remedies. At age 11, I competed in National Ecology & Biology Olympiad, which is a competition for Bulgarian students to test your practical and theoretical biology and ecology skills.

Is it bragging if I say my 11-year old self won many 1st places, even one at the national level?

You can say I’m a herbalist by heart and this website has given me a platform to share my passion with other women who want to live a clean lifestyle.

It's time to change

Women are opening their eyes to the cruel world of skin care.

They realize animals still undergo harmful tests…and the products still contain hormone-altering chemicals. 

The big companies want you to believe this is the only way. They want you to be okay with them hurting animals for profits. Well, we’re NOT okay with that here at Pretty Blooming. ❌

We want your skin care to be
FREE from chemicals.

We want to show you that nature has a solution for your skin. We’re not saying you can cure it all with natural products, but we ARE saying your skin care need not have dirty ingredients in them. 

Where to start?

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Skin Care Routine

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