What's Pretty Blooming?

Hi, I'm Valeria!

A former fitness instructor turned natural skin care enthusiast!

I started Pretty Blooming started on the back of a lot of research. I was in a desperate period, trying to improve my stubborn skin woes. I, like many other women out there was buying expensive skin care products that never helped my skin much. 

I must admit, I felt tricked by the company’s advertisements because they promised the world, yet fell short on delivering. Now with an empty wallet, a face covered with acne breakouts, and ugly, deep chicken pox scars, and deeply self-conscious about my skin, I just couldn’t justify relying on advertisements to tell me what worked.

It was Marts 2017 I slid on my imaginary research coat and started looking for answers. Anything that could help me understand WHY I wasn’t seeing the results I was longing for.

It was already within days I discovered a shocking truth. 

Many of my expensive skin care products were stuffed with chemicals and dangerous ingredients that caused clogged pores and much more harmful potential long-term side effects like cancer.

You can imagine my shock. 

I realized something else. Discovering science-backed information online can be a time-consuming task. Most blogs recycle the same pseudo-science that ain't helping you.

And just because you switch to natural solutions, you won't see miracles overnight. In fact, I found that to achieve a healthy, attractive glowing skin you need to focus on three things. 

  1. Natural skin care
  2. Natural make up
  3. Healthy skin foods

Those three "buckets" are what I focus all my attention on here on the blog and on the glowing skin newsletter I sent out several times weekly.

I wanna be honest and say that even though I've spent years researching what makes a glowing skin possible, I still suffer from flaky, itchy eyebrows once in a while... But besides that annoyance, my skin has cleared up and as long as I focus on the 3 buckets, I'm happy with the results! 🙂

In summary, you can say PrettyBlooming is a culmination of my own struggle and a growing passion for helping women around the world regain their skin health and confidence—with science-backed research.

I invite you to see if it's a place for you. Go get lost in the blog! 🙂