Why Is Everybody Drinking Collagen?

Why Is Everybody Drinking Collagen? - Pretty Blooming

If you are up to date when it comes to health and beauty news, chances are you've heard of collagen supplements. Everywhere I go I hear about collagen lately. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, well, I'm here to get you up to speed!

Collagen is the most abundant protein in our body (and in all mammals' bodies too). This protein is very hardworking. It has many vital functions – from strengthening our bones to providing our skin with structure. It's literally the glue that keeps us together – our bones, blood vessels, cartilage, and skin. It is so crucial that no wonder people try all kinds of ways to bring in some more into their bodies.

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The Best Affordable Non-Toxic and Natural Foundations [Makeup That Both Your Skin & You Will Fall In Love With]

The Best Affordable Non-Toxic and Natural Foundation - Pretty Blooming

Having pretty skin does not only mean putting on make-up and fixing things on the outside, it actually starts from deep within.  Having pretty skin, first and foremost, means needing to have healthy skin. You need to choose healthy options and replace your daily routines that do not contribute to your wellness. 

One of the easiest places to start would be your make-up kit. Come on, open it up and check out how many products you have in there that are using harsh chemicals that, sure, look nice on your skin, but then cause a lot of damage. Now would be the best time to check the ingredients of your make-up to make sure that whatever you are applying to your face on a daily basis is not harmful.

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Sandalwood Oil: Why This Expensive Oil Is Really Worth It [History, Uses and Skin Benefits]

Sandalwood Oil: Why This Expensive Oil Is Really Worth It [History, Uses and Skin Benefits] - Pretty Blooming

Sandalwood oil is one of the most well-known essential oils out there, especially for fragrance purposes. Its woody-floral scent is a classic and makes this oil sought-after.

But sandalwood's value doesn't end with its scent.

Today, we will put sandalwood in the spotlight. Read on to learn what this oil can do for our skins, and why it's worth it despite the higher than average price tag!

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Patchouli Oil: The Aromatic Wonder for Skin [History, Uses and Skin Benefits]

Patchouli Oil: The Aromatic Wonder for Skin [History, Uses and Skin Benefits] - Pretty Blooming

Do you have a particular perfume that you love so much? I am talking about the kind of perfume that has the ability to cling to your skin even after hours and hours of activities outside. Chances are, that perfume contains patchouli oil!

Apart from being largely popular in the perfume industry, did you know that patchouli oil can do wonders to your skin?

Stick around to know more about this aromatic oil — and how you can reap its benefits for that achievable fantastic skin!

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Clary Sage Oil: For De-stressing Your Skin and Mind [History, Uses and Skin Benefits]

Clary Sage Oil: For De-stressing Your Skin and Mind [History, Uses and Skin Benefits] - Pretty Blooming

This oil is not your regular sage — or your regular clary. Everybody listen up and give it up for clary sage oil!

What's so special about this oil?

Well, imagine coming home after a long day at work — only to do more work. You sit down on the couch and rest your eyes for a while, the things you need to do swimming in your head. Whether it's take-home work or chores around the house, work upon work and more work make us stressed

Sometimes, because of stress, we tend to neglect our skin care routine. I am guilty of sometimes going directly to sleep without doing my PM routine when stress gets me down. But what if doing our skin care routine helps use de-stresses not only our skin but our minds as well?

This moment is where clary sage oil shines the brightest!

Read on to find out how clary sage oil can help us handle stress while helping our skin achieve greatness!

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How Not To Use Essential Oils – Diluting Essential Oils The Right Way

Diluting Essential Oils in Carrier Oils - Diluting Essential Oils Made Easy - A Comprehensive Guide - Pretty Blooming;

I often read how diluting essential oils is not necessary in some cases and how it's safe to apply oils directly onto the skin. I feel it is my duty as a skin care blogger to tell you how much this isn't true and why.

Safety first, beauty second! ​Remember that​. I know we all want to have great skin – healthy and youthful. But we must not neglect to take safety precautions.

Think of essential oils as a double-edged sword. These oils can either help you or hurt you. The allure of essential oils is their multiple benefits for overall health and beauty. But use them the wrong way and these oils can turn on you – leaving you to cope with bigger problems than you had in the beginning.

To be able to harness the benefits of essential oils, you need to know how to use them safely and effectively. ​Allow me to help you navigate essential oils for a safer skin care journey.

So go ahead and read on for the basic guidelines on how to dilute essential oils for topical use.

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Rose Oil: The Queen You Need for Rosy Youthful Skin [History, Uses and Skin Benefits]

Rose Oil: The Queen You Need for Rosy Youthful Skin [History, Uses and Skin Benefits] - Pretty Blooming

The fountain of youth has been the subject of curiosity for humankind. Tales of such a fountain appears across the world for thousands of years. Don't we all want to stay rosy and youthful?

Alas, we are far from discovering a fountain of youth that will make all signs of aging disappear magically.  What we can do is delay those signs as much as we can — and that's where rose oil comes in handy!

Dubbed as the Queen of Flowers, roses are valued beyond their lovely blooms. The queen also gave us the great gift of her essential oil. Find out how rose oil can help you slow down the aging process and leave your skin feeling great!
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Peppermint oil: The Cool Solution to Your Itchy Skin [History, Uses and Benefits]

Peppermint oil: The Cool Solution to Your Itchy Skin [History, Uses and Benefits] - Pretty Blooming

Who doesn't love a peppermint candy for instant fresh breath? I know I love them!

The cooling and sweet taste of peppermint-flavored candies come from peppermint oil. We can often see products in the market — like toothpaste, mouthwash, and soaps — coming in peppermint variants.

But did you know that peppermint oil is used for various medicinal purposes and has multiple studies on its beneficial effect on itchy skin?

Today, we are going to find out all about peppermint oil — what uses it is known for and how we can incorporate it into our skin care regimen. You'll soon find out why no one's too cool for this cooling oil.

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Banish Under-Eye Circles With This DIY Eye Serum With Essential Oils

DIY Under-Eye Serum With Essential Oils - Pretty Blooming; You know how dark circles and under-eye bags can make the skin around your eyes look tired and dull. And sometimes tired-looking skin around the eyes can be so hard to conceal even with makeup. Today I am going to share how with the right ingredients and proper care, you can easily get fresher and brighter eyes (and look). You can achieve youthful skin naturally by making my DIY under-eye serum with essential oils. Ready to fight dark circles and fatigue-look? Let's dive in then!

Imagine getting ready for a big date, you have your outfit all planned out and you're already putting on makeup. While applying foundation, you notice that you have these really dark circles under your eyes. You try to cover it up with a concealer and thick foundation but nothing works at all! Your excitement for the big date suddenly turns to despair because you realize how tired and stressed out you look — all because of the stubborn eye bags.

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