What Are Essential Oils? [And How To Choose Them?]

Essential oils - All you need to know before using them - Pretty Blooming; As my love for essential oils grow with every day, so does the number of articles I write about them. When I first started using essential oils, I had a lot of questions: 'What are essential oils? What should you look for when you choose yours? How can you guarantee an essential oil is pure? etc.' If you are essential oil enthusiast and have similar questions regarding these plant extracts, I invite you to read this post. Learn all you need to know about essential oils and how to choose them.

As my love for essential oils grows every day, so does the number of posts I write about them. When I first started using essential oils, I had a lot of questions: 'What are essential oils? What should you look for when you choose yours? How can you guarantee an essential oil is pure?' etc. If you are an essential oil enthusiast and have similar questions regarding these plant extracts, I invite you to read on!

In this post, I'll share with you all I know about essential oils and how to choose the ones that would be perfect for you.

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5 Best Healing Oils For Dry | Essential and Carrier Oils That Sooth Itchy And Flaky Skin

5 best oils for dry skin - Pretty Blooming

Out of all skin types, dry skin is probably one of the most, if not the most, tedious to care for. You know you have dry skin when there is visible flaking and cracking on your skin. It wouldn't be too bad if not for the fact that not being able to properly care for dry skin may lead to serious skin conditions such as atopic dermatitis (eczema) or infections. These conditions not only take its toll on your health and wellness but also your self-esteem and confidence. 

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Apricot Kernel Oil For Skin + Rich DIY Eye Cream Recipe [History, Uses and Skin Benefits]

Apricot Kernel Oil - Skin Benefits - Pretty Blooming; Today under the spotlight is apricot kernel oil. Learn why you want it in your oil collection and how to use it to make light apricot kernel oil eye cream.

Yes — you read that right! Today under the spotlight is apricot kernel oil. The joy this delicious fruit gives doesn't end with its juicy flesh — the kernels also have so much to offer!

Read on to learn why apricot is beneficial for your skin and how to easily incorporate it in your regimen. Plus, a rich DIY eye cream down below awaits you!

I bet you are going to want to add this oil to your collection afterward. So let's get right to it!

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Bergamot Oil: The Citrusy Answer to Your Skin Problems [History, Uses and Skin Benefits]

Bergamot Oil: The Citrusy Answer to Your Skin Problems [History, Uses and Skin Benefits]

Do you like a good cup of Earl Grey Tea? Well, then you'll love learning about this oil. Bergamot oil ​is ​on our spotlight​​​ for today, everybody! So what's unique about this oil?

This oil is the main flavoring for the well-loved tea — yes, you guessed it — Earl Grey Tea! So, you have bergamot oil to thank for this tea's unique flavor. Plus, the fragrance of the oil also gives this tea its lovely aroma.

Speaking of scent and aroma,​ we've talked about other essential oils before that address a lot of skin problems. Though sometimes, what keeps us from using an EO is the scent they give off.

Some can be too strong. Others are leaning towards a spicy and woody scent that not all may appreciate. Bergamot oil, however, provides skin benefits with a soothing fresh citrusy scent that you will undoubtedly love!

Read on to find out what goodness bergamot oil has in store for your skin and how you can incorporate this citrus-smelling oil into your routine.

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Tea Tree Oil Is Your Acne’s Worst Nightmare [History, Uses and Skin Benefits]

Tea Tree Oil: The Acne-Prone Skin's Best Friend [History, Uses and Skin Benefits] - Pretty Blooming

​Tea tree oil ​enters ​the room -- acne runs for the exit ​fast​!​​​ ​Acne doesn't end with puberty - sad but true! Studies have found that acne can continue well into adult years, affecting up to 15% of women.

No one wants inflamed little red spots covering their faces. These little buggers are irritating and can cause so much pain. But don't worry because mother nature's got us covered. Tea tree oil to the rescue!

Whether you suffer from acne, have acne-prone skin, or generally concerned with the overall state of your skin — you are want to stick around to know more about t​his oil.

Read on because today, we are going to spill the tea on tea tree oil — what it is, how it came to be, and how our skin can reap all its benefits!

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Beat Your Oily Skin with This Bad-Ass Routine

Beat Your Oily Skin With This Badass Routine - Pretty Blooming

Got Oily Skin?

Caring for oily skin can be tricky and downright tedious at times. Most girls with oily skin find it hard to stick to one skin care routine and sometimes, as a result of constantly changing products and regimen, end up worsening their condition or even damaging their skin! It becomes even worse during warmer months because the skin produces more sebum, making it feel more greasy and sticky.

If you are experiencing the same dilemma, you can stop worrying and just read on to discover the perfect solution to your skin problems! The routine below is made specifically for oily skin and has been tested and proven. The only question is, are you ready to up your skin care game?

Why You Need This Bad-Ass Routine

Whether you are new to the game or are already a veteran and have tried numerous skin care products  (like me!) there is a reason why you are here right now and why you are still reading this. That reason must be because you are still not satisfied with how your skin is at this very moment. Perhaps it's still too oily, you're having breakouts, your favorite product no longer does its job, or you're just looking for a better and easier skin care routine for oily skin.

Whatever the reason, we all have the same goal: to have a healthier, prettier, and clearer skin. And boy, have I found the perfect solution to deal with oily skin and I just can't wait to share it with all of you!

Why I said ‘No’ to conventional skin care products for oily skin

I've had my fair share of over-the-counter products that promised to give me celebrity-type skin. I also have that drawer full of testers and many, many different skin care items, from pharmacy brands to high-end ones. And yet, after trying out almost all the available products in the market, I never quite found the right one for me. This is why I don’t really trust conventional products; I have spent a lot of money on products that actually worsened my skin; many big brands that we hear about a lot of, use ingredients that oftentimes treat one problem, but cause another. This is a vicious circle!

Thankfully, I have found a solution for myself - all-natural and DIY skin care! I am a DIY enthusiast and like to make almost all my skin care products from natural ingredients. I transitioned to clean beauty about a year and a half ago and have never had better-looking skin than now. 

So here is exactly what I do on a day-to-day basis and what DIY products I use.

The Bad-Ass Routine to Beat Oily Skin

You will notice that one ingredient that appears in the recipes again and again. Stay with me till the end of the post to learn why you should use it if you have oily skin. 

Step 1 - Double Cleanse (only at nighttime)

how to double cleanse foily skin

Double cleansing is needed only when you have been out or have had makeup and/or sunscreen on. This is to ensure that all the dirt and products you have applied on your face are completely washed off and will prevent your pores from clogging. Otherwise, just proceed with your usual face wash routine.

Double cleansing is a surefire way to prevent breakouts. For those with oily skin, this step in the routine can be such a skin saver. Using oil-based makeup removers or straight base oils can help skin achieve balance in terms of oil production.

Some people are oily because their sebaceous glands overcompensate for dehydrated skin. The glands produce more and more oil, thinking the skin needs it -- when ​the skin only gets more oily. When you use oil makeup removers, the added oil ​tricks ​the glands into thinking that you have enough natural oil.​​​

How to double cleanse?

Gently swipe around the eyes with a cotton pad soaked in oil-based makeup remover or you can make your own makeup remover simply by mixing equal parts rose water and jojoba oil in an amber glass bottle. Massage it onto your skin for at least 30 seconds to make sure it removes all the residue. 

The jojoba oil in this mix is perfect for tricking the sebaceous glands​, since ​it resembles sebum created by the glands.

Step 2 - Wash (Both morning and nighttime)

Foaming Face Wash With Essential Oils - Pretty Blooming; This is the recipe for my favorite face wash with essential oils. It’s a really effective and super easy to make. The bonus is that you will never get tired of it as the combinations of aromas you can come up with are close to endless. There are almost 100 different essential oils out there, so there is something for every taste. Read on for the ingredients, benefits and the 4 different scents you can try out. ​

Washing your face in the morning is very important, especially if you have oily skin. Although it would seem that, since you were only in bed the whole night, there's really nothing to wash off in the morning. But what your eyes don't see are the excess oils, dirt, and impurities that have built up on your skin overnight and, if not removed, these can clog your pores.

Starting your day with a freshened up face is definitely the best way to go. Also, ​removing all those debris, along with excess oil, makes oily skin really happy.

You can wash your face with a natural cleanser ​(like those from 100% pure) made specifically for oily skin. ​​If you want to opt for a DIY facial wash, you can use my recipe for a homemade cleanser with essential oils. The recipe includes jojoba oil once again because oily skin definitely benefits from it.

I definitely encourage you to make your own-- it's super easy and will cost you less for sure. Not only that, but the liberty to choose which essential oils to include is for oily skin. You can choose the oils that suits oily skin more.

Also, the ingredients are non-abrasive and very gentle to the skin as it is all natural and does not require any harsh chemicals, just see for yourself.

​Foaming Face Wash With Essential Oils Recipe

  • 1/2 cup unscented Castile soap
  • 2 Tbsp. jojoba oil (can be replaced with sweet almond oil, rosehip oil)
  • ~30 drops of essential oil*
  • 1 cup distilled water
*You can find 4 different scent combinations of essential oils for your face wash

How To Prepare and Use It?
  1. Mix the ingredients in a bowl. Stir well.
  2. Pour in a glass soap dispenser.

To use: 
- AM. - Wet your face, put 2-3 pumps of soap in your hand or on a wet flannel. Work the soap in circular motions and rinse with cool water.

- PM. - Remove your makeup thoroughly and repeat the cleaning method from above.

Note: Avoid your eyelids. You don’t want to get soap or essential oils in your eyes.Pat dry and continue with applying your toner. Finish with moisturizer or serum.

Step 3 - Toner (Both morning and nighttime)

toner for oily skin - Pretty Blooming

If you're not familiar with what a toner is, it's a type of cleansing liquid that balances your skin's pH levels and restores it to a slightly acidic state, leaving you with purified skin. It also helps your skin better absorb the products you will be applying afterwards.

Using a toner really does wonders for oily skin because it helps ​regulate oils and also fights blemishes. In the process, it also helps minimize pores, subsequently preventing them from clogging. 

How to use it:

Gently wipe your face with a cotton ball or pad soaked in your favorite toner. If this is new to you and you haven't found a product that works for your skin, try making your own toner by mixing equal parts filtered water and apple cider vinegar or filtered water and lemon juice. Store the mixture in an amber glass bottle. I like to keep mine in the fridge, that way, it feels more refreshing and invigorating when applied to the skin.

If you’d rather purchase your toner, here is a purifying Tea Tree and Willow toner from 100% pure. ​Oily skin will benefit greatly from this toner since tea tree's antiseptic properties helps in regulating sebum production. No more excess oils! Meanwhile, willow helps in minimizing the appearance of large pores characteristic of oily skin.

I like to alternate my skin care, so I would sometimes use my DIY toner in the morning, witch hazel in the evening and the toner from 100% pure the next morning. The toner is made with only clean ingredients and makes my face feel fresh and clean. Did I mention it smells heavenly?
Tea Tree & Willow Clarifying Astringent from 100% pure

Step 4 - Moisturizer (Both am and pm)

Beat Your Oily Skin - Badass Routine from Pretty Blooming

My mom used to think that because she has oily skin, she doesn’t need a moisturizer. Don’t worry, I convinced her and made her a nice nourishing moisturizer. The truth is, just because your skin is oily and produces more natural oils, it doesn’t mean that you should stay away from moisturizers. Yes, you should stay away from those that are very oily, made for dry and sensitive skin, but you should not completely ditch moisturizers from your regimen.

A common mistake among people with oily skin is that they use harsh products that are designed to completely strip excess oils from the skin. But the thing is, some of these oils are vital in keeping the skin healthy and completely removing them could lead to the production of more sebum, which only makes the situation worse. The trick is to pick a moisturizer that works for your skin.

I know, it can be tricky, but the good news is I have come up with a recipe for the perfect DIY moisturizer for oily skin. This moisturizer is light and unlikely to clog pores. Plus, ​the jojoba oil in this ​recipe is highly beneficial for oily skin. Go ahead and see for yourself:

​DIY Green Tea Moisturizer With ​​Mango and Shea Butters

  • double boiler or a small saucepan
  • mesh cloth
  • small heatproof glass bowl
  • small glass jar
  • 1/2 cup shea butter
  • 1/2 cup mango butter
  • 2 Tbsp green tea/matcha tea
  • 7 drops rosemary essential oil
  • 4 tbsp jojoba oil
  • 10 drops lemon essential oil

How To Prepare and Use It?
  1. Measure out the green tea and use a coffee grinder to crush it into a fine powder.
  2. Bring 2 inches of water to a boil in a small saucepan. Reduce the heat to low and warm the shea and mango butters in a small heat-proof glass bowl in the pan. Or if you have a double boiler you can use that instead.
  3. Stir in the green powder with a spoon, then cover and simmer on the lowest heat setting for 1 hour.
  4. Use cheesecloth to strain the tea out of the oil over a medium bowl.
  5. Add the 25 drops of essential oils. Mix well.
  6. Let the oil cool until it’s almost solid.
  7. Whip the mixture. 5-6 minutes on high if you use a stand mixer, or until smooth if whip it by hand. It should look like foam and form peaks.
  8. Store the moisturizer in a glass jar at room temperature. If stored in the fridge, the cream will harden and will be more like a butter.
  9. Use on clean face, after applying toner and serum. You can use this moisturizer with essential oils and hibiscus both mornings and evenings.

​Step 5 - Detoxifying Face Mask (weekly)

Beat Your Oily Skin With This Badass Routine - Pretty Blooming

Applying a detoxifying face mask is a very important part of skincare. It not only nourishes the skin, but it also detoxifies it and rids it of impurities. For oily skin, it would be best to apply a face mask twice a week. There are many types of face masks on the market but I would recommend to carefully read the ingredients before buying any of them.

If you want to help your skin get restore its balance, look for products made with only natural ingredients.  Face masks using pink clay, french green clay, and Aztec bentonite clay.

Clay is perfect for oily skin because it helps absorb excess oils that can be seen on the skin's surface as well as diminish the impurities in the skin. Regularly using clay masks also help in minimizing the appearance of pores.

Here is one of my favorite recipes to clean the pores and tighten them. The mask is with bentonite clay and lavender essential oil. Not only will this mask help tighten your pores, but the lavender oil helps clarify the skin -- combating bacteria that can mix with excess oils.

Step 6 - Face Scrub (weekly)

Beat Your Oily Skin With This Routine - Face Scrub For Oily Skin - Pretty Blooming

An exfoliating face scrub once a week should be made an essential part of your skincare routine because, aside from getting rid of impurities, it also helps shed dead skin cells off and can make your skin visibly brighter. But then again, this should only be done once a week because over-exfoliation can cause more problems, especially if you have more sensitive skin.

​Exfoliation is essential for oily skin​. Shedding those dead skin cells ensures that they will not ​mix with the skin's natural oils, eventually clogging pores.

Like any other product, you have to be picky in choosing exfoliators. Using conventional exfoliators that contain plastic beads can irritate your skin and can be too rough. The good news is that you can make your own exfoliator using ingredients from your pantry!

One of my favorite recipes is this one below. You can see jojoba oil here again to help oily skin fend off overproducing sebum.

​DIY Rose Sugar Scrub Recipe


How To Prepare and Use It?
  1. Combine the sugar, coconut oil, almond oil and the fresh rose petals in a food processor.
  2. Pulse until it's blended. If the mixture is looking a bit too liquid (or dry), adjust by adding an extra tablespoon of sugar (respectively coconut oil).
  3. Add in 10 drops of rose essential oil. Stir.
  4. Store in air tight container.
  5. Gently rub a small amount with your fingers in a circular motion all over your face. Rinse and pat dry. Follow up with your fav moisturizer.

If you want to get inspiration for 9 more recipes, download my Face Scrubs Guide here.

Why Jojoba Oil for Oily Skin?

Beat Your Oily Skin with This Bad-Ass Routine - Pretty Blooming

So you may have noticed that, among all the recipes included in this blog, Jojoba oil is always present. This is because Jojoba oil is actually similar to the oils our skin produces and, in effect, regulates our skin's oil production.

Jojoba oil, when applied to the skin, effectively dissolves excessive oil and prevents breakouts. I absolutely love jojoba oil because it's the best in soothing and moisturizing sensitive skin too.

It can really come in hand if you have combination skin (e.g. dry patches on the cheeks and oily in the T-zone). Aside from that, it blends well with all essential oils as it doesn’t have a smell and has a long shelf life which makes it perfect for storage.

Needless to say, Jojoba oil is your best friend if you have oily skin!

Where to buy it

I found this amazing brand on Amazon, it's natural, cold-pressed, unrefined, and hexane-free oil that is just perfect for all my DIY skincare products. Cliganic Jojoba Oil is certified organic, which makes it 100% pure and natural-- obviously a safer choice as opposed to other brands that may contain harsh chemicals. I definitely recommend this product because it's also the very one that I use myself!

Beat Your Oily Skin with This Bad-Ass Routine - Pretty Blooming


So to sum it all up, having oily skin doesn't have to be too troublesome. With the proper skin care regimen and the right products, your skin will be healthier in no time. Needless to say, I do promote both 100% pure’s products and my DIY recipes because I am convinced they are the best if you want to have healthy and beautiful skin. 

Again, do not be afraid to use oils, specifically Jojoba oil, because it really does help manage excess sebum and regulates the skin's oil production. 

New to essential oils? Read this

So there you have it, my skincare routine for oily skin!

Comment down below and let me know about your experience with oily skin and the products you have tried that worked for you! Also, feel free to share this post with your friends, you never know who else is struggling with oily skin and pesky pimples.

Stay tuned and take skin care!

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