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What intermittent fasting is

Intermittent Fasting For Skin

Let me see your hand if you want the secret to a longer life with beautiful skin, toned belly and a sharp brain…Welcome to the intermittent fasting post, originally sent

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How Collagen & Cellulite Are Connected [Cellulite Remedies 2/3]

Hey beauty, let's continue our talk about our favorite topic: CelluliteQuestion... did you know collagen is the most abundant protein in your body? Or that collagen and cellulite is connected

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STOP Comparing Yourself To Other People And Do This Instead

As I use more time on Instagram, I find it increasingly important to stop comparing myself to other people. 💩If I’m not careful, I can quickly feel less beautiful, get

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dry brushing helps with cellulite

How Dry Brushing Can Help Decrease Your Cellulite [Cellulite Remedies 1/3]

Cellulite. It’s completely natural, common, and nothing to worry about health-wise. But if you’re not loving your cellulite, I get it. That’s why over the next three days, starting today, I’ll write helpful

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anti-aging foods

Anti-Aging Foods To Put In Your Basket

Hey beauty!I'll share the anti-aging foods in just a sec but you gotta hear this...I'm living in the woods of Denmark while waiting for the corona situation to wear off.

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borage oil helps eczema & dry skin

I Said, It Itches! Can Borage Oil Alleviate Eczema & Dry Skin Symptoms?

“I said, it itches!”Having eczema, especially around others who don’t have can be extremely frustrating. People think your skin just itches a bit… and that it happens for everyone.And the

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does tea cause acne?

Healthy Skin in a Cup: Does Tea Cause Acne?

Tea and coffee are two drinks I enjoy daily.It may sound like an exaggeration but I can’t imagine my day-to-day routine without them. Especially tea.Then one fine day, as I

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does soy cause acne breakouts?

Tofu Love and Your Skin: Does Soy Cause Acne?

Soy is among the first food items you’ll encounter when entering a healthier, plant-based lifestyle. It’s a classic healthy food after all. I love soy. I eat and drink soy almost daily

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does yoghurt cause acne?

Does Yogurt Cause Acne? The Snack-time Favorite on Trial

Yogurt is a “snack” enjoyed all around the world. You can have it for breakfast, before or after lunch, as a midnight snack—it’s all up to you. I myself enjoy a

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does cocoa butter cause acne?

Keeping Your Pores Happy: Does Cocoa Butter Clog Pores?

Welcome to the “Happy Pores” series where we break down ingredients to see if they clog your pores.Next up is Cocoa butter. does cocoa butter clog pores?We all enjoy this ingredients

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does soda make you breakout?

Acne in Your Pop: Do Sodas Make You Break Out?

Do you have a weakness for sodas?Imagine back to a hot summer day. One of the best feelings is to pop open an ice cold soda and feel the refreshing

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does coconut oil clog pores?

Keeping Your Pores Happy: Does Coconut Oil Clog Pores on Face?

What CAN’T we use coconut oil for?I’m amazed at what nature is providing for us. Coconut oil is the star somewhere on any health and skin care blogs.The claims about

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does sugar make you break out

The Sweet Deceit: Does Sugar Make You Break Out?

Don’t we all have a sweet tooth?  As a kid, I’d always look forward to celebrations. Parties meant there would be cake.  And ice cream, (if I was lucky).  I’m

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charcoal helps acne breakouts

How Charcoal Helps Acne Breakouts + 3 Free Bonus Recipes

When it feels like you’ve tried absolutely everything for acne, you’re prompted to give up.It may feel like none of your efforts will be rewarded.But between you and me, there’s

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Cake for healthy skin

Gluten- & Dairy-Free Skin Boosting Cake With Chocolate, Blueberries and Raspberries

Crave something sweet? This is not an old-school cake that spikes your blood sugar through the ceiling... Only to come crashing down an hour later, leaving you exhausted, full of

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cocoa butter for crepey skin

New Anti-Aging Body Butter [Effective For Crepey Skin]

As we grow older (and wiser), we experience various health conditions that we didn’t ask for. Some are easier to deal with than others, and aging skin care can be

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Beware The Slice: Does Pizza Cause Acne?

Back before going fully vegan, there was nothing better than spending a Saturday night with my favorite Netflix show, a glass of red wine and a pizza from the local

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Why Is Everybody Drinking Collagen? - Pretty Blooming

Why Is Everybody Drinking Collagen?

If you are up to date when it comes to health and beauty news, chances are you've heard of collagen supplements. Everywhere I go I hear about collagen lately. If

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how to use gua sha

Gua Sha Facial – What is it? – Benefits and Techniques

I mentioned Gua Sha and Jade Roller in one of my previous articles and last night while doing my Gua Sha facial, I thought: I should devote my tomorrow's post

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does shea butter clog pores?

Does Shea Butter Clog Pores? [Happy Pores Series]

Welcome to “the happy pores” series!After starting my DIY skin care journey, I’ve experimented a ton. And let me tell you, it’s not every recipe that’s a success. I see

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Mirena: Does It Cause Or Help With Acne?

There comes a time in a lady’s life that she’s faced with a decision.  That is which birth control to take.  One of the popular options in the market is

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rosehip oil for happy skin

Does Rosehip Oil Clog Pores? [Happy Pores Series]

Welcome to the “Happy Pores” series. Rosehip oil can be used for many things. I’ve used the oil to reduce my visible chickenpox scars. It’s been the oil in helping fade the scars

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Nourish Your Skin From The Inside Out - 7 tips for healthy skin diet

Nourish Your Skin From The Inside Out – 7 Tips For A Healthy Skin Diet

Healthy, beautiful, glowing skin is being supported primarily by your diet.I'm sure you have a favorite cream, serum or treatment, what about the foods you eat? Our skin constantly sheds

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Is Balancing Your Stress The Best Anti-Aging Solution? And How Do You Balance Your Stress?

The 21st century seems to be moving faster than ever and stress is on the rise. It seems everybody is suffering from some negative stress. What surprised me was this...

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