Acne Causes – What Triggers Your Pimples?

Find out why you are experiencing acne - common causes - Pretty Blooming; - We all want to have glowing, healthy skin and pimples definitely do not fit in this vision. In this post you will learn what is causing your acne and what is that you can do better to prevent it. Let's dig in!

Acne is a word that most of us, if not all, are familiar with. We must've had this skin condition at one point. Statistics even has it that 90% of the world's population is affected by acne at some point in life. Those people who are part of the 10% are certainly lucky!

If you're like me who was not fortunate enough to be one of the lucky few, then acne is no stranger.

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4 Amazing Skin Benefits of Pomegranate Juice

5 Amazing Skin Benefits of Pomegranate Juice - Pretty Blooming; - Drink your way to youthful, glowing and bright complexion by drinking pomegranate juice regularly. Without further ado, let's look at the 4 benefits pomegranate juice has to offer your skin..

The pomegranate is a fruit famous for its appearance in Greek mythology. The 7 seeds of this delectable treat tied Persephone to Hades, making her goddess of the underworld.

Apart from this colorful significance of pomegranate in mythology, this fruit is loaded with benefits. To get these benefits, you can: 

  • eat the fruit (seeds) or make a juice out of it;
  • make a paste to add to scrubs and masks; and,
  • use the oil extracted from the fruit for various applications.
Today, I am going to tell you how you can drink your way to a youthful, glowing, and bright complexion. Let's get our juice on with pomegranate juice!
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Turmeric Skin Booster Smoothie – So Much Goodness in One Glass

Turmeric Skin Booster Smoothie - So Much Goodness in One Glass

You probably know turmeric for being one of the spices used in Indian and Asian cooking. 

It adds depth of flavor and a sunrise color to the dishes.

But turmeric does a lot more than make our food taste and look delicious.

It’s been used in ancient Indian medicine for around 4,000 years for its health benefits. 

And the reason it’s on focus today is because it offers a wide range of benefits for your skin - from protecting you from premature anti-aging, to skin-clearing, to supporting skin healing, cell renewal and boosting collagen formation.

And below I am going to tell you how to take advantage of this goodness, in a Turmeric Skin Booster Smoothie.

Orange + carrots + banana + ginger + turmeric = morning boost for your skin!

Not sure how this spice fits in a smoothie – read on to find out!

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5 Factors To Consider When Choosing Sunscreen

How To Choose a Sunscreen - 5 Key Points

Ah, sunscreen — the number one product you must have in your arsenal if you want to keep your skin from prematurely aging! 

Yes, you heard that right. Being consistent and diligent in your AM and PM routine is excellent. But not applying sunscreen can make all of your efforts go to waste. 

The sun is mostly responsible for premature aging of the skin, and sunscreen is the best protection we have from the sun's harmful rays. So, going to the beach? Shopping? Heading out for a fun day with friends? Don't forget to wear your sunscreen!

With how important sunscreen is, it is equally important to consider the factors in choosing sunscreen. Read on below for 5 major factors in providing your face full-on sun protection.
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Want Naturally Radiant Skin? Try My DIY Facial Toner Recipe

DIY Facial Toner With Lemon For Radiant Skin

Of course you can spend hundreds of dollars on skin care products.

And unfortunately on the ingredients label of most of them you will read: alcohol, perfumes, artificial colors, etc.

If you too don't want to spend a fortune on products that are packed with harmful chemicals, preservatives, and other toxic ingredients...

- check my refreshing DIY Facial Toner recipe.

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DIY Eye Contour Serum That Banishes Dark Circles


You must be wondering, DIY eye contour serum what is it perfect for? 

Under-eye bags and dark circles can make the skin around your eyes look tired and dull. Often, we tend to look tired in general. We certainly don't want to go through the day lugging these dark bags around. A fresh and awake face helps us seem alert and cheery on the outside — and help avoid the barrage of "Are you alright? You look tired." conversation starters. Ugh.

So, we then turn to makeup to rush into our aid. But these dark circles can be so hard to conceal even with makeup. Even if you search the shelves of high-end brands or cult-favorite drugstore brands, no concealer can entirely cover eyebags.

But don't you worry! Today, I am going to share an excellent moisturizing DIY eye contour serum. This serum can help you eliminate puffiness and lighten under-eye dark circles. With regular use, you won't have to go running for a tube of your concealer before heading out the door every morning.

Keep on reading to learn how, with the right ingredients and proper care, you can finally banish those stubborn dark circles.
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Difference Between Carrier Oils And Essential Oils

Difference between carrier oils and essential oils

For those who are at the beginning or early stages of their DIY skin care journey, the difference between carrier oils and essential oils are mind-boggling! They're both oils, so what big difference could there be, right?

If this question echoes with your own thoughts, get ready to be surprised. Oils are used differently and have different effects on the skin — differences that can be sun and moon.

So before you dive headfirst to using any oils, you must be able to tell the difference between carrier and essential oils. Read on to be informed!

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