Lip Scrub – Do You Really Need One?

Lip Care - Do You Really Need One

We all know about the benefits of exfoliating our skin and therefore we rub sugars and oils onto our skin twice a week. 

But what about your lips? Sometimes it's not enough to coat them with balms and oils.

Lip scrub is amazing product for smoothing the skin on the lips but it's importance is often underestimated. 

But let’s be real, who likes the feel and look of flaky and dry lips? 

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3 Simple Methods Rose Water Can Help Cure Acne

3 Simple Methods To Cure Your Acne With Rose Water

Originating from a country where rose water is so abundant, I used to underestimate its benefits and take it for granted. It's like going sightseeing in your home town. You know, rose water is there, and it's not going anywhere. So no rush for you to try the stuff.

However, in recent years, I rediscovered this aromatic goodness. Now, I'm happy to report that rose water has a special place in my DIY skin care arsenal!

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Green Clay in DIY Face Masks for Clearer Skin

Green Clay in DIY Face Masks for Clearer Skin

Because the earth has lots of skin benefits, the clay masks have been around since ancient times.

In recent days clay continues to be the star ingredient in many clay masks and for good reason. 

Keep reading to learn why Green Clay is a huge part of our modern-day beauty routines and how this one simple ingredient can purify your skin...

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Do You Make These Skin Care Mistakes? – These Might Be Ruining Your Skin!

Do You Make These Skin Care Mistakes? These might be ruining your skin!

Whether it's just a basic wash or a 7-step glass skin program, we all have a skin care routine. We do so, knowing our skin, like other parts of the body, is vital and needs to be cared for!

Whatever our reasons are for our routine — whether we want to get rid of acne, keep aging skin at bay, or revive dull skin — we will surely benefit from having good skin habits and avoiding skin care mistakes.
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7 Beauty Hacks You Can DIY In The Kitchen

7 DIY Beauty Hacks - The ingredients Are Hiding In Your Pantry and Fridge

DIY beauty hacks can seem like elaborate and complicated tasks. You pick up a recipe for a soothing mask but get turned off by the long, long, list of ingredients needed.

But it doesn't have to be that way! You don't need to go treasure hunting mode on your grocery shopping just to gather all the ingredients for an excellent DIY beauty hack. All you need is right in your kitchen.

Read on for my top 7 ingredients for natural skin care, so you can get started DIY-ing!
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Chlorophyll Water – 5 Amazing Skin Benefits

Chlorophyll Water – 5 Amazing Skin Benefits - Pretty Blooming

You know chlorophyll as the substance in plants that gives them the green pigment and keeps them healthy. But did you know that we can benefit from chlorophyll, too? Let me introduce you to chlorophyll water!

Yes, chlorophyll water is a thing, and it can do a lot! Not only is this water good for your overall health. It also offers a lot for your skin. 

If you're looking for a holistic approach to dealing with your skin, you best get some of this water.

To learn more about chlorophyll water, how to make it, and what the 5 amazing skin benefits are, read on!
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