Diluting Essential Oils

I run out to open the door and there he is! 

The mailman with my first ever bottle of essential oil. Tea tree oil, yay!

My friend told me it would help with my acne. Even with my annoying pimples... I almost rip open the box to get my hands on these miracle drops. 

Mwhahaha I’ve got you now, Acne!

I screw the lid off and start applying it onto the pimples IMMEDIATELY!... A few seconds later...a burning sensation starts.

Yes! I’m thinking… It’s definitely working… A moment passes and now my eyes start watering up, my nose starts running, and my face now begin to resemble a boiled lobster.

It’s right now I start thinking to myself, “Is this suppose to happen??” - this feels a little too intense! I gotta check it out.

I open up the laptop and find Google Scholar, still with wet eyes and a running nose.

I make a search for tea tree oil and find a study. It says… you have to DILUTE tea tree oil.

Darn it!

I’m now rushing back to the bathroom, grabbing some toilet paper and wiping it off faster than I ripped open the box just minutes ago.

So yea, that’s how I got my introduction to essential oils. I was lucky to not suffer any consequences after almost transforming into a human lobster.

I often read that diluting essential oils isn’t necessary.

Just apply that s**t straight onto your face they say.

With so much dangerous information available, I feel it’s my duty to tell you what’s up. In this case it’s safety first, beauty second.

But who finds human lobsters attractive anyway??

You know, essential oils is kinda like a double-edged sword. They can either help or hurt you. Use them the right way and you’ll reap all the amazing benefits. But use them the wrong way and you end up with more issues than before you started.

So can we agree that safety is important?
Can I get a big resounding, “YES!?”

You already know essential oils are plant extracts that are usually derived from steam distillation of huge amounts of plant seeds, kernels, petals, or leaves.

And you know that EO's are super potent.

... So here's a little twist to a famous quote, "With great potency comes great responsibility”

One way of NOT being responsible is apply it straight onto your face just like I did. In the EO circles, this is referred to as “applying it neat.”

Nothing neat about it if you ask me.

Being responsible is to first dilute, and then use.

A few things that may happen if you don't:

  • Sensitization is a type of allergic reaction. “Neat” use can trigger this. An immunological response is triggered by skin sensitization, which means it messes with your immune system's response to the specific substance. While skin irritation happens immediately and can be relieved, sensitization develops over time, and you may not discover it until it's too late.
  • Skin burns happens become some oils are SO potent. Every oil varies in potency, so you need to know the right dilution ratio. (You’ll get a free chart from me in just a second)
  • Irritation is often the first step that occurs. In worse instances, the irritation can be so bad that some damage happens to your eye membranes. Easily avoided!
  • Wastage can be avoided by diluting. Your purchase will last much longer, making it much super affordable + less strain on the environment.


I’ve researched this topic for weeks. Read multiple books by leading experts specifically in the field of essential oils safety. 

They recommend a 2% essential oils dilution is generally considered safe for essential oils on adults.

1% dilution means 1 drop of essential oil with 100 drops of carrier oil.

An easier (and still safe) method is to measure in ml. 100 drops of carrier oil are equal to 5ml or about 1 teaspoon.

In your free dilution chart below you can see the ratios for 0.25%, 0.5%, 1%, 2%.

Get your free chart by clicking HERE or the button below!

We're not done with the safety part just yet. You'll get one more lesson on the topic tomorrow. Today was about dilution. Tomorrow safety guidelines.

It's IMPORTANT to be well informed if you expect to see all the amazing skin benefits that you WILL see by soaking all this up like a sponge.

See you tomorrow! 💋

Your Gal,