DIY Eye Contour Serum That Banishes Dark Circles

By Valeria D.

You must be wondering, DIY eye contour serum what is it perfect for? 

Under-eye bags and dark circles can make the skin around your eyes look tired and dull. Often, we tend to look tired in general. We certainly don't want to go through the day lugging these dark bags around. A fresh and awake face helps us seem alert and cheery on the outside — and help avoid the barrage of "Are you alright? You look tired." conversation starters. Ugh.

So, we then turn to makeup to rush into our aid. But these dark circles can be so hard to conceal even with makeup. Even if you search the shelves of high-end brands or cult-favorite drugstore brands, no concealer can entirely cover eyebags.

But don't you worry! Today, I am going to share an excellent moisturizing DIY eye contour serum. This serum can help you eliminate puffiness and lighten under-eye dark circles. With regular use, you won't have to go running for a tube of your concealer before heading out the door every morning.

Keep on reading to learn how, with the right ingredients and proper care, you can finally banish those stubborn dark circles.


What's In This DIY Eye Contour Serum?

Before we proceed with the recipe for this fantastic DIY eye contour serum, we should learn about what's in it first. Knowing each of the ingredients' benefits will motivate us to use this serum regularly. Plus, this will help you keep a lookout for ingredients that don't agree with your skin.

​Argan Oil 

Argan oil is known for its soothing and moisturizing benefits. For this reason, this oil is widely used to eliminate bags from the under-eye area. The topical application of argan oil can also help reduce signs of aging on our skin. Specifically, around the eye area, this oil helps combat crow's feet.

For this DIY eye contour serum, we will use argan oil as a carrier oil. Argan oil is just the right carrier oil as it is fast-absorbing and does not leave an oily residue. Another reason argan oil is such a significant component in this DIY eye contour serum is that it's gentle and safe to use around your eyes.

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Calendula Oil

Calendula oil is made by infusing marigold flowers in a carrier oil. The oil is used for nourishing the skin with the help of its anti-inflammatory benefits and skin tissue repair capabilities. A 2011 study even found that when added to face cream, calendula extract may promote skin hydration and firmness. 

All of these features combined make calendula oil a good fit for our DIY eye contour serum.

Though this oil can be store-bought, you can easily make your own. You will only need dry calendula flowers, coconut oil, and 6 weeks for the flowers to infuse the oil. Read more about calendula oil and the infusion process here.

DIY Eye Contour Serum With Calendule Oil

Sandalwood oil

Sandalwood oil is commonly known for its woodsy, sweet smell. You'll often encounter this oil in perfume and cosmetics, even in candles. For hundreds of years, sandalwood has been a part of religious ceremonies and traditions in India and other Eastern countries.

Sandalwood is rich in antioxidants that can help reduce damage caused by free radicals, which are guilty of promoting aging. These free radicals are also to blame for the dull look of our under-eyes. This oil is also often added to facial toners because of its ability to soothe, tighten, and cleanse the skin.

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Frankincense oil

Frankincense oil has a very special sent. It is derived from trees that commonly grow in Somalia and regions of Pakistan. This essential oil has been associated with the Christian religion, as it was one of the first gifts given to Jesus by the wise men.

When incorporated into your skin care regimen, frankincense oil should be mixed with a carrier oil, such as coconut oil, jojoba oil, or rosehip oil. In our DIY eye contour serum, we will dilute the frankincense oil in argan oil.

This oil has a lot of benefits. It can be used to help reduce acne blemishes, prevent wrinkles, promote skin regeneration, and even lifts and tightens the skin naturally. These are all incredibly helpful for our quest to banish under-eye circles and puffiness.

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DIY Eye Contour Serum

Hopefully, knowing all the ingredients we will include help motivate you to create your own DIY eye contour serum. With regular use, all the puffiness and dark circles of our under-eyes will soon be gone.

One of the beauties of DIY-ing skin care is the power we have over the ingredients we use. Are there certain ingredients you are allergic to or are simply hated by your skin? You can mix and match when DIY-ing. If you have questions and concerns about the ingredients, like wanting to replace one or two of them to fit your skin better, feel free to comment below. I'll be glad to help you out.

Without further ado, here is the recipe for the DIY eye contour serum.

​DIY Eye Contour Serum

  • 1 amber glass roll-on vial or dropper bottle (10ml)
How To Prepare and Use It:
  1. Mix the argan oil with calendula oil in a 10-ml amber glass roll-on vials or a dropper bottle. Make circular motions using your wrist in mixing the oils. This motion will prevent bubbles from forming in the mixture.
  2. Add the sandalwood and frankincense essential oils, and mix with circular motions the same as above.
  3. Store the bottle in a cool and dry place.
  4. Before using the serum, remove your makeup and wash your face thoroughly and gently.
  5. Pat the skin dry and apply the serum on the under-eye area.
  6. Use your index finger to gently dab the serum and help it sink into the skin. Use the serum daily before going to bed at night. 


  • A patch test should always be done when using a new essential oil to see if you are allergic to the particular oil. To patch test, mix a little amount of the essential oil to carrier oil. Apply this mix in the inner area of your elbow. Leave on for 24 hours, and observe your skin for any reaction.
  • Do not apply this DIY eye contour serum to the eyelashes or eyelids. Make sure that it doesn't go into your eyes. If it accidentally does, wash the affected eye immediately.

Final Thoughts

No product can instantly transform our skin. That is why, for all skin care products, consistency is key. So, to achieve visible results, try to use this DIY eye contour serum daily for at least 3 weeks. 

To prevent the appearance of dark circles and puffiness, make sure you eat a healthy diet, drink enough water, get ample sleep, and never leave makeup on for the night. You can also try applying ice cubes on the skin around the eyes or placing cucumber slice onto the eyelids. These are temporary but straightforward ways to rejuvenate the skin under the eyes.

Have you tried another DIY eye contour serum recipe? I would love to hear about it in the comments below. 

Thank you for reading my blog. I hope the post was helpful!

Stay tuned and take skin care 💋

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