Easy DIY Shaving Cream Recipe With Essential Oils

By Valeria D.

When we say "skin care," we often think of only our face and how to best care for it. We tend to forget about the rest of our body. Although skin care starts with the face, we shouldn't end it there.

Holistic care calls for nurturing from head to toe. So, you can't just forget about the body when caring for your skin! To get you started in skin care for your body, I'll be sharing with you today a DIY shaving cream.

In this post, you'll learn how to make a shaving cream with essential oils. This cream will keep your legs smooth, shiny, and hydrated. Psst — you can let bae use it too! Everyone can enjoy the rich aroma and nourishment this shaving cream delivers.


Why Make Your Own Shaving Cream? 

You see, the skin is the largest organ of our body. With all the tiny pores our skin has, whatever we apply on it sinks in and ends up in our bloodstream. Knowing this, we must be extra careful with what we use on our skin.

Often, the aromatic creams and lotions we buy from stores are full of harmful and toxic ingredients. And I bet you don't want toxic chemicals in your blood, do you? I sure don't!

By making this DIY shaving cream, you will not only avoid any harmful substances, but you will also hydrate and replenish your skin. That's the great thing about this DIY cream, you are in control of what you apply on your body.

You won't even feel that you worked to make this cream. It feels so silky, soft, and nourishing. So much so that you will no longer think of shaving your legs as an annoying chore. 

What's In This DIY Shaving Cream? 

Shea Butter

DIY Moisturizer with shea butter- Pretty Blooming
  • Reduces razor irritation and bumps
  • Moisturizes dry skin
  • Softens skin, making it look plump and healthy
  • Helps soothe acne and diminish blemishes
  • Reduces skin inflammation (e.g., swelling, redness, etc.)
  • Anti-aging and anti-free radical agent (a.k.a. youthful skin promoter and protectant)
  • Provides relief to itchy and peeling skin​

Mango Butter

  • Naturally boosts collagen production
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Moisturizes dry skin
  • Deeply moisturizing — treats dry patches, flakiness, and even sensitive skin
  • Natural source of vitamin A (keeps the skin young-looking)

Jojoba Oil

The Majestic Powers of Jojoba Oil for Skin [History, Uses and Skin Benefits] - Pretty Blooming
  • Rich in vitamin E and B-Complex
  • Reduce redness and inflammation caused by drying
  • Keeps the skin calm and comfortable

Rosemary Oil 

Rosemary essential oil for skin - Pretty Blooming
  • Helps skin fight resist damage that causes aging
  • Improves circulation to put a glow on your skin
  • Has anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties (effectively disinfecting and soothing skin

Peppermint Oil

peppermint oil by Healing Solutions on Amazon - Pretty Blooming
  • Soothing and refreshing
  • Boosts blood flow circulation in the skin
  • Helps relieve itchiness
  • Makes the skin firmer and tighter
  • Reduces muscle pain and fatigue

Lavender Oil

Lavender Essential Oil from Healing Solutions on Amazon - Pretty Blooming
  • Very gentle and potent
  • Beautiful for detoxifying the skin
  • Comforting for itchy and sensitive skin
  • Perfect for treating inflammation, dryness, and Eczema
  • Soothes sore joints

L​emon Oil

  • Natural detoxifier
  • Contains antiseptic properties, aiding in preventing and clearing up razor bumps
  • Helps improve the elasticity and firmness of the skin

How To Make This DIY Shaving Cream

Reading all those benefits must have gotten you excited to whip up this shaving cream. So, I won't keep you from it any longer. Here is the recipe for this beautiful shaving cream.

​DIY Shaving Cream
With Essential Oils


How To Prepare and Use It?
  1. ​In a small pot, combine mango butter and shea butter on low heat. This is important. The high temperature will ruin the products, and you cannot benefit from their otherwise amazing properties.
  2. ​Once melted, remove from the heat and add the jojoba oil and 20 drops of essential oils. Mix well.
  3. ​Let cool in the fridge for 30–45 minutes. The mixture should have a soft texture.
  4. ​Whip the mixture. 5-6 minutes on high if you use a stand mixer, or until smooth, if whipping it by hand. It should look like foam and form peaks.
  5. ​Store in a glass jar at room temperature. If stored in the fridge, the cream will harden and will be more like a butter. 
Whipped Shaving Cream - Rich And Silky - Pretty Blooming;

Extra Tips When Shaving 

When using this shaving cream, rinse your razor under warm after every 2–3 strokes to keep it from clogging.

The cream can make any surface slippery. If you stand in a bathtub when shaving, try sitting on the side instead of standing. This way, you will be more safe and secure. Plus, it is more comfortable. 

To prevent your drain from clogging when using this product, run hot water for about 1 minute. This way, any hardened pieces of the cream in the pipe will turn soft again and smoothly leave the drain. 

Rich And Silky DIY Shaving Cream With Essential Oils - Pretty Blooming; When it comes to skin care sometimes we think only about our face and forget about the rest of our body. Although skin care starts with the face it shouldn't end up with it.   Learn how to make your DIY shaving cream with essential oils and keep your legs smooth and shiny and hydrated.   Psst! You can let bae use it too - it has rich aroma and is super nourishing.

Final Thoughts

Making your own skin and hair products is easy and fun. To me, it feels so satisfying to use a product that I made myself. All the efforts will turn up worth it when you get your hands on that product you've been making in the kitchen. Especially with how this DIY shaving cream is so inviting for everyone to use, DIY-ing gets more exciting.

Moreover, DIY things make fantastic gifts. Another advantage is that you can control the ingredients and aromas, so you make the product exactly the way you like it. Awesome, right?

I hope you enjoyed the post. Let me know when you make this DIY shaving cream. You can leave a comment below, or you can share it on Instagram and tag @pretty.blooming

One last thing — if you are new to essential oils and don't know where to start, be sure to check my extensive post: Getting Started With Essential Oils - A Beginners Guide. 

Thank you for reading the blog!

Stay tuned and take skin care 💋

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