Elderflower Infusion to Keep Your Skin Young And Beautiful

By Valeria D.

I have previously talked about calendula oil — how to make the infusion yourself, and how to use it in skin remedies. Today, I decided to introduce another favorite infusion of mine — the elderflower oil

Making herb-infused oils takes quite some time and patience. But it's very satisfying! Not only are you saving money by making your own oil. You also see the fruit of your labors materialize before you. And let me assure you that once you've made this oil, all the effort you put into making it will be worth it.

Curious to hear more about making your own elderflower oil? Read on.


What is Elderflower?

Ederflower - Pretty Blooming; Making herb infused oils takes quite some time and patience but also very satisfying. I have previously talked about Calendula oil, how to make the infusion yourself and how to use it in skin remedies. Today I decided to introduce another favorite infusion of mine - the elderflower oil. Curuious to hear more about it? Keep reading then..

Elderflower comes from the flowering plant Sambucus Nigra, more commonly known by the name Elder, Elderberry, or Black Elder. Elders appear as shrubs with purplish-black, juicy berries, and creamy-white, fragrant blossoms — elderflower.

English countryside and gardens are lined with elderflowers. There's a famous saying for the English regarding this plant. They say that English summer starts when the Elder is entirely flowering and ends when the berries are ripe. And it is true as the elderflower blooms for only three short weeks in June!

My first memory of using an elderflower remedy was from my childhood. Tons of litres of tea went down my throat as my grandmother poured them, to combat the flu and cough. She was using it in food, desserts, drinks, and liquors — she was a big elderflower fan.

Now, I know it was for a good reason. Elderflower is used for colds, flu, swollen sinuses (sinusitis), bronchitis, diabetes, constipation, and skin care. It is packed with vitamins A, B, C, and E — all of which are incredibly beneficial for skin health.

Interesting Facts About Elderflower 

​The Latin word nigra means "black." This word refers to the deep dark color of the Elder's berries. Now, for the common name, you might think that Elder comes from the word "old." But it actually comes from the Anglo Saxon æld, meaning fire. This meaning springs from how the hollow stems of the Elder branches were used as bellows to blow air into a fire.

​In earlier days, the Elder was supposed to ward off evil influence and give protection from witches. ​

Elderflower Infusion to Keep Your Skin Young And Beautiful - Pretty Blooming

This belief was widespread and held in widely-distant countries like Russia, a region in the Czech Republic called Bohemia, and the Mediterranean island of Sicily.

In Denmark, an old belief exists that a person who stood under an Elder on Midsummer Eve would see the King of Fairyland ride by, attended by his entourage. In Germany, clary sage and elderflowers together produced an additive to cheap wine to make it taste like muscatel.

Skin Benefits of Elderflower Oil 

Elderflower Infusion to Keep Your Skin Young And Beautiful - Pretty Blooming

With how common this flower is, so many uses have come from it throughout history. Good news for us is that elderflower also has excellent benefits for our skin!

Elderflower oil has anti-inflammatory properties and is rich in vitamins and bioflavonoids, which help prevent wrinkles from developing. The oil can protect against the sun and other free-radical damage.

Sought-after astringent properties are also found in this flower. This property causes the skin to tighten, reduce the size of pores, and smooth the skin. The cooling effect the oil provides is also perfect for relaxing on hot summer days or even on regular days that you want to be refreshed.

Taking all these benefits, when added in DIY skin care products, elderflower oil:

  • ​has anti-inflammatory properties;
  • ​has anti-aging effects;
  • ​protects against infections;
  • ​reduces breakouts;
  • ​reduces pore size;
  • ​smooths skin; and,
  • ​fits all skin types.

How To Make Infused Elderflower Oil

With all these benefits, you must be excited to make this oil for yourself! Trust me, you won't regret making elderflower oil. Now, if you want to try adding some elderflower oil to your beauty routine and DIYs, give this elderflower oil infusion recipe a try.

This oil is relatively easy to make. So, even if you are new to this process of making herb-infused oils, you'll certainly have little to no difficulty in following my simple recipe. If you have any questions about it, the comment section is always open, and I'm always happy to help!

Elderflower ​Oil Recipe



Note: You want to use a cold-pressed carrier oil for your infusion. Cold-pressed retain healthy nutrients and antioxidants that are otherwise damaged by being exposed to heat.

How To Prepare and Use It? 
  1. ​Fill the jar with flowers.
  2. ​Cover them with the oil of your choice.
  3. ​Place the mixture in a warm place for a minimum of two weeks. Heat and patience are the main factors helping the infusion. 
  4. ​After two weeks, strain the oil through a mesh-/ cheesecloth into the clean jar.
  5. ​If you want to do a double straining, allow the mixture to sit overnight and repeat the straining.
  6. ​Store the elderflower oil in a cold and dark place. Shelf life is up to one year.

Note: This is the old-school infusion, which I use. If you have a yogurt maker, you can use that too. Read about the yogurt method in my calendula oil post here. For herb infusions in oil, you can also use a double boiler. Do you have experience with a double boiler or other methods? Share your verdict in the comments below.

Want to get started using elderflower oil in a DIY project? Be sure to check out my Elderflower night cream post!

Final Thoughts

We can get so many things ready-made now that we often forget that many things can be made in the comfort of our own kitchens. Traditional and time-tested processes are not only cost-effective, but they are also rewarding. There's nothing like gazing upon the work of your hands — may it be this infused elderflower oil, a DIY toner or moisturizer, or even a handcrafted gift.

With the elderflower oil, you can use it in balms, salves, creams, and moisturizers. There's no end to the lovely benefits this oil can provide for our skin.

Do you have a DIY recipe using elderflower oil? Share in the comments below!

I hope you enjoyed this post, and I will talk to you in the next one.

Stay tuned and take skin care 💋

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How to make Elderflower Oil - Pretty Blooming; Making herb infused oils takes quite some time and patience but also very satisfying. I have previously talked about Calendula oil, how to make the infusion yourself and how to use it in skin remedies. Today I decided to introduce another favorite infusion of mine - the elderflower oil. Curuious to hear more about it? Keep reading then..

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  • I’m trying to find a recipe that I could use when cooking would this work or do u know of a recipe for that specifically ?? I always see on British cooking shows they use it and I can’t really find if there is a difference or if it’s all the same lol

    • Hi Courtney! That is so interesting! I had no idea you can use elderflower oil for cooking! I know you can make elderflower drinks, cocktails, cakes, jelly, ice cream… My guess is you should be able to safely use it for cooking. Just when making the infusion, use cold-pressed grape seed oil for the base. I cook with grape seed oil because it can tolerate high temperature and has no taste. You can make the elderflower infusion with it and use it for cooking. Do you have any specific dish or recipe you won’t to use elderflower oil in?



    • Omg, I wish to have one of those in my home one day too! I am glad to hear you made the infused oil, it’s amazing! Have you tried to make some drinks with elderflower as well? I tired elderflower cordial last month- so delicious!

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