Green Clay in DIY Face Masks for Clearer Skin

By Valeria D.

Because the earth has lots of skin benefits, the clay masks have been around since ancient times.

In recent days clay continues to be the star ingredient in many clay masks and for good reason. 

Keep reading to learn why Green Clay is a huge part of our modern-day beauty routines and how this one simple ingredient can purify your skin...


What is Green Clay

Green Clay For Face Masks

French Green Clay is also known as Illite Clay is very fine and light powder that offers a lot for the skin!

Why is it called French? - Initially it was mined and collected from sources in France. Today the clay is extracted from other places in the world including China, North America and Europe.

Why is it Green? - Because it naturally contains high amounts of decomposed plant matter that has gone through the cycles of nature.

It is abundant in manganese, silica, copper, phosphorous, magnesium, zinc and calcium. Therefore the French Green Clay has long been known for its detoxifying skin care benefits.

Now let's see how you can actually benefit from it:

Benefits of French Green Clay

Benefits of Green Clay

Detoxifies Leaving Fresher and Cleanser Skin

To  detoxify by help draw impurities out of the skin, just add add French Green Clay to your face masks.

But how does it work? - The clay has negatively charged ions in it which attract and neutralize positive charged ions.

And since most of the impurities on your face are positively charged, the clay and the toxins attach to each other.


When you remove the mask, you wash the impurities off.

Purifying Facial Mask with Green Clay:

In a small bowl, mix 2 tsp French green clay with enough distilled water to form a smooth spreadable paste. Now add 1-2 drops of your favorite essential oil and mix again.

Apply a thin layer of the paste on your clean face, avoiding the area around the eyes. Leave it on for 10 minutes then rinse off with cold water. Finish with moisturizer.

Exfoliates and Tightens the Skin Pores

Although it isn't the typical exfoliator, Green Clay can be used as such.

It has a slightly rough texture that helps slough off dead cells, without leaving your skin dry or irritated. 

Note: If you rub it too much onto the skin, it can cause redness -so be gentle and. Use distilled or mineral water, as tap water contain chlorine and this could increase irritation and redness (especially if you have sensitive skin).

Moreover when placed onto the face, the green clay gives you a pulsing sensation and feeling of tightness. This is a great benefit if you have acne prone skin. 

Mask For Exfoliating And Tightening The Pores:

In a small bowl, mix 2-3 tbsp of the clay with water or/and apple cider vinegar. Add a drop or two of a soothing essential oil.

Adding apple cider vinegar will increase the tightening properties of the clay.

You can read more about ACV here.

Deeply Nourishes The Skin and Soaks Up Excess Oils

Because it is so rich in minerals, Green Clay nourishes the skin cells in depth, leaving your skin hydrated and more lively.

French Green Clay (like bentonite clay) has the ability to get rid of extra oil. This makes it a great fit for oily and combination skin. 

Oil Control Mask:

In a small bowl, add 1 tsp of the clay, 1 tsp of rose water and 1 drop of rosemary oil. Mix everything well to create a smooth paste.

Apply it in a thin layer all over your face and leave it on until it dries up. Rinse off with cold water and apply toner. You can check out my Green Tea Toner!

Final Thoughts

Add Rosehip Oil in a face mask

There are so many ways to incorporate Green Clay in your skin care regimen.

But there are also many ways not to do it- I know how difficult sometimes it could be to keep up with all the rituals.

It could get quite overwhelming.  Therefore I like to keep it simple - once a week, I would make a simple clay mask with water (or ASV or rose water).

So keep thing simple and don't miss out on this simple method to boosts skin rejuvenation.

Thank you for reading the post! Hope it was helpful and you enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed writing it. 

You can use the form below to tell me about your favorite clay mask (not only green but in general).

Stay tuned and take skin care 🙂


Green Clay Face Masks To Detox, Tighten and Balance Your Skin - Pretty Blooming; Because the earth has lots of skin benefits, the clay masks have been around since ancient times.   In recent days clay continues to be the star ingredient in many clay masks and for good reason.   Keep reading to learn why Green Clay is a huge part of our modern-day beauty routines and how this one simple ingredient can purify your skin...

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