4 Amazing Skin Benefits of Pomegranate Juice

5 Amazing Skin Benefits of Pomegranate Juice - Pretty Blooming; - Drink your way to youthful, glowing and bright complexion by drinking pomegranate juice regularly. Without further ado, let's look at the 4 benefits pomegranate juice has to offer your skin..

There 3 ways you can benefits from this delicious goodness - the pomegranate.
1. You can eat the fruit (seeds), or make a juice of it.

2. You can make a paste which to add to scrubs or masks, and apply it topically.

3. You can benefit from the oil made from the seeds of the fruit.

Today, I chose to tell how you can drink your way to youthful, glowing and bright complexion by drinking pomegranate juice regularly. 

Without further ado, let's look at the 4 benefits pomegranate juice has to offer your skin..


1 Prevents Wrinkles

Pomegranate Juice Fights Wrinkles

Perhaps you've heard people calling it 'botox fruit' or 'antioxidant bomb', and it is for a reason.

Pomegranate is rich in vitamin C which indirectly reduces skin wrinkling.

The antioxidants in vitamin C destroy the free radicals which are the main cause of aging skin.

Supplementing your skin with vitamin C also helps you synthesize collagen, the protein that makes your skin more supple and firm.

Drinking a cup of pomegranate juice daily boosts your vitamin C intake by 31 milligrams which according to the Institute of Medicine is approximately 40% of the recommended daily intake for women.

2 Fights Acne

Pomegranate juice as a source of zinc, an essential mineral important for healthy skin and  for acne clearing.

First, zinc assists with the metabolism of omega-3 fatty acids which have significant role in healing inflammatory acne.

Second, zinc helps break down something called substance P - the nerve chemical that causes sebum production when the body is stressed.

And less excess oils means less acne prone skin.

Another important function zinc is responsible for is transporting Vitamin A.

Vitamin A is an antioxidant that belongs to the class of compounds called retinoids.  

Low levels of zinc have been associated with inflammation and acne.

Drinking one cup of pomegranate juice will supply your body with 1.1 milligrams of zinc - which equals 15 percent of the recommended daily intake for women

3 Fights Sun Damage

Talking about vitamin E... It provides natural sun protection. 

Vitamin E neutralizes harmful free radicals caused as a result of sun exposure, so that they can't damage your skin.

It protects your against sun damage and counteract premature aging by improving the texture of your skin.

A cup of pomegranate juice contains 1.8 milligrams of vitamin E, or 8 percent of your recommended daily intake.

4 Prevents Skin Cancer

Along with the cosmetic benefits, pomegranate offers you skin cancer prevention.

As mentioned above, the fruit is rich in antioxidants which can go a long way in protecting your body against toxins, carcinogens, and inflammation.

Antioxidants neutralizes heavy metals in your body by stimulating the functionality of the white blood cells in your body.

This process promotes a strong immune system.

Drinking a cup of the juice regularly will boost your skin health.


How to Make Pomegranate Juice

How To Make Pomegranate Juice


1 pomegranate
1 cup distilled water
*Ingredients are enough for 1 serving.


Paring Knife
Mesh Strainer


1. Use the paring knife to remove the part of the pomegranate that looks like crown.

2. Divide the pomegranate into sections (I score mine in 4). Feel free to score the fruit in more sections if you like.

3. Break open the fruit into sections and put them in a bowl with cold water.

This is to prevent mess from breaking apart the pomegranate seeds.

Note: Don't wear light color or white clothes. 

4. When you are done separating the seeds from the walls of the fruit, drain the water.

5. Pour the seeds into a blender, add a cup of filtered water and blend for about 20 seconds. 

6. Pass the juice through a mesh strainer to separate it from the pulp (this might take a few minutes).  

To speed it up, use a spoon to press the pulp against the mesh strainer.

7. Pour in a glass and enjoy! If you make big portion, refrigerate the leftovers in an air-tight jar for no more than 5-6 days.

Final Thoughts

Pomegranate juice is considered among the healthiest fruit juices thanks to its high content of antioxidants

Rich in vitamins, the juice is a mouth-watering beverage which can help your skin stay wrinkle-free, supple and firm.

Have you tried this pomegranate juice?

Or may be you have another recipe?

- Go ahead and share with us in the comment section below.

Thank you so much for reading the blog and I hope you enjoyed the post! πŸ’—

Stay healthy and take skin care πŸ™‚

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